Monday sessions


4th February 2019

A tour of the 'Supplementary' tools in our Digital Toolbox

2019-02-04 Supplementary Tools

21st January 2019

Google's Geo Tools - not just for geographers!

2019-01-21 Google's Geo Tools - not just for geographers!

14th January 2019

Using Gmelius to schedule emails and more

2019-01-14 - Monday Session - Gmelius

3rd December 2018

Making screencasts - Creating screencasts can be an effective way of explaining a set steps to students. They can also be used to give feedback on student work.

26th November 2018

Creating a website using Google Sites - Google Sites is a great platform for creating a website to support your students and colleagues. Come along and find out more - either to get a site started or to develop an existing project.

11th September 2017

Annotating images and video on the interactive screens

2017-09-11 Digital Tool Integration 001

25th September 2017

Making more of YouTube

2017-09-25 Digital Tool Integration 002

9th October 2017

ManageBac vs Google Classroom

2017-10-09 Digital Tool Integration 003

13th November 2017

Feeding back via Google Documents

2017-11-13 Digital Tool Integration 004

27th November 2017

Digital tools to measure student understanding

2017-11-27 Digital Tool Integration 005