Faculty meetings


September 2020

How we use ManageBac at Campus des Nations Update

ManageBac Update - September 2020

3rd February 2020

Using Google Hangouts Meet with students

Using Hangout Meet

2nd October 2018

Communications - The school’s email use agreements, upskill you upon some recent changes in GMail and G Suite for Education, hints and tips on email usage and discuss the need to support students with the skills we are all developing.

2018-10-02 Faculty Meeting Meeting - Communications

3rd October 2017

Progress made, staff short term goals related to digital technologies, medium term goals related to digital technologies.

2017-10-03 Staff Meeting ICT

30th August 2017

Troubleshooting classroom technology issues.

2017-08-30 Screen trouble shooting

18th November 2014

ICT Think Tank, ‘Cyber Concerns’, Technology for Learning Framework, Digital Skills Framework, Facebook and Mini-presentation circuit.

2014-11-18 Staff Mtg

14th January 2014

ECIS and Google Teacher Academy feedback.

2014-01-14 - ECIS and GTA Feedback to Staff

29th August 2013

ICT Update.

2013-08-29 ICT Update

March 2013

Thinking about email.

2013-03 Thinking about email