Professional Development

What is available?

Individual Educators

One to One coaching upon the use of digital applications and approaches that would support and enrich student learning. ManageBac, iSAMS, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides etc.

One to one coaching on productivity with digital tools. Effective use of email, Google Calendar etc.

Coaching towards the Google Certified Educator exams (Level 1 and Level 2). Helping to identify gaps in knowledge and understanding and filling them before attempting the exam.

Team teaching to help integrate digital technologies into a lesson or series of lessons. You do the subject content - I’ll help guide the digital technology.

Discussion about how digital technologies could be integrated into a lesson or unit. Suggested applications, ideas, what exposure have students had to certain technologies.


Training during department meetings (or other times as suitable) for the use of applications and approaches. Use of ManageBac, iSAMS, MindMeister, WeVideo, G Suite etc.

Help to review units of work for opportunities for the integration of digital technologies to support and enrich student learning.

Help to review potential software / applications that a department is considering for purchase / use.

Research into applications / services that will do something you are looking for.

Year Teams

Support during the mentor period with the teaching of digital citizenship themes.

Input during the review of mentor programme content in terms of digital citizenship.

Support when meeting parents with questions about the use of digital technologies in school and the influence that digital technologies have upon young people.